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LYNX and the City of Orlando are partnering to evaluate the expansion of the LYMMO circulator system. This LYMMO Study will provide a fresh look at transit modes, alignment alternatives, ridership demand, costs and impacts, and potential funding strategies associated with an expanded LYMMO service. The study is being conducted following Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Alternative Analysis procedures to keep open the prospect of future federal funding for an expanded LYMMO system.

newCommunity Appreciation

We like to thank you for your participation in sharing your ideas regarding future LYMMO routes, services, stations and other features.  Your time, dedication and input made the LYMMO Study a success to improve mobility and transit options for central Orlando.

newLocally Preferred Alternatives - North and South Corridors

Based on public comments and further technical analysis, the proposed North/South Corridors have been developed and approved by the Orlando City Council, LYNX Board of Directors and METROPLAN Orlando Board on April/May/June 2012.  You can review the executive summaries of the North and South LYMMO Corridor Alternatives Analysis (AA) Report.  There is currently no funding, however the selection of the locally preferred North/South Corridors will allow City of Orlando and LYNX to apply for Federal funding for such projects as financial feasibility study, environmental impact statement, design, engineering and construction.

newLocally Preferred Alternative -

Parramore BRT and East/West Corridor

Since April 2010, LYNX and the City of Orlando have been evaluating the possible expansion of the Downtown bus rapid transit (BRT) system, known as “LYMMO.” Based on public comments, and further field work and evaluation analysis, the proposed East/West Corridor route was developed and approved by Orlando City Council, LYNX Board of Directors and METROPLAN Orlando Board on March/April 2011 (Locally Preferred Alternative East/West Corridor Map).

The East/West and Parramore BRT's are currently in the design and construction phase of an approximately 5.8 miles of BRT service in Downtown Orlando, which includes both mixed traffic and BRT exclusive lanes.  It is anticipated the construction phase will commence in the Fall of 2012 and be fully operational by the Fall of 2013 to coincide with the SunRail opening in early 2014.  You can follow the progress of the LYMMO expansion projects at or contact Ginger Corless at (407) 616-5500 or



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Preliminary Corridor Alternatives

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